Enterprise Information Management

Symbolic Systems specializes in creating cutting edge solutions for the optimal use of information within your organization, overcoming traditional IT-related barriers to managing information on an enterprise level. We approach IT from an enterprise information strategy based on the needs of our customers, combining business intelligence and enterprise content management on a national and global playing field.

Enterprise Information Management
Business Intelligence

Your business decisions are only as strong as your business intelligence. We provide the processes, technologies, applications and practices to fully support the important decisions that drive your business.

By approaching the management of business processes from a holistic perspective, Symbolic Systems can help your organization increase effectiveness and efficiency. Taking advantage of technological integrations that improve business intelligence and processes, our professionals provide innovative and flexible solutions to maximize your company’s potential.

Before you take the next step to accrue data in your network environment, let our team identify and resolve data inconsistencies before yielding further challenges. Our experienced staff has already developed proactive approaches to identify data issues before they occur and put in place the policies, processes and streamlined approaches to ensure a smooth data path for our customers.

Let us work with you to build a process to clean old data from your environment and build your infrastructure with only usable, integrated data.

Take Advantage of Business Processes and Software Technologies

Symbolic Systems can show you how to implement innovative business intelligence tools to satisfy your organization’s toughest information challenges. Gather, store, analyze and present information using cutting edge processes and software technologies.

Leverage and Integrate Data

Let Symbolic Systems provide your company with a strategic view in a format that enables your employees to easily see, understand, and use large amounts of up-to-date, complex data. Incorporate data from multiple sources and build reports, dashboards and scorecards based on the information.

Empower Your Employees

Provide your workforce with the business intelligence tools and processes necessary to make effective, informed decisions based on solid and complete data and analysis.

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Strategic Communication & Multimedia

Symbolic Systems professionals are fully equipped to fill a wide array of multimedia requirements such as marketing materials, photography, and graphics. We have produced strategic, marketing and technical videos that have satisfied a vast array of specific needs and goals.

Multimedia is an effective tool for educating both your internal and external networks and customers about the benefits you offer. Through our knowledgeable and experienced writing, video, graphics and marketing staff, Symbolic Systems can help your organization to exceed its goals, while increasing effectiveness and exposure. Advertise, educate and promote your organization through our wide array of multimedia capabilities.

Utilize Our Experienced Writing Staff

Our journalists and expert writing staff have published worldwide in multiple publications. The staff is versed in writing and editing numerous types of documents such as educational and information brochures, contracts, memorandums, official documents, articles, video scripts and other media.  Allow Symbolic Systems to meet your toughest writing challenges and promote your organization through articles and white papers for internal use or published in the most pertinent of news sources.

Create Videos to Promote or Educate Your Organization

Our video team takes advantage of cutting edge graphics and video techniques to create powerful, informative videos that can be used within your company for educational and/or marketing initiatives. Take advantage of the power of film to create excitement and enlighten target audiences and potential customers.

 Let Graphics Speak When Words Are Not Enough

From awards, to internet design, to posters and hand outs, Symbolic Systems graphics team can bring your ideas to life through visually exciting and dynamic venues and mediums.

 Market your Organization

The tremendous value you can bring to your customer means nothing if the customer doesn’t know of the benefits you have to offer. Our professional marketing team will create a plan specifically targeted to satisfy your goals and encompass your target markets.
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Enterprise Knowledge and Content Management

As today's military and business environments continue their rapid pace of change, Symbolic Systems enables you to keep pace by managing your company's content with ground-breaking technologies that capture, manage, store, preserve and deliver your organization's information. Achieve your business goals through the maximization of your organization.

Managing knowledge on an enterprise level facilitates situational understanding and decision making, while improving innovation and performance. Symbolic System’s knowledge management processes ensure that knowledge products and services are relevant, accurate, timely and usable in order to support our customer’s most complex decisions as well as their day to day operations.

Protect Valuable Information

By helping your organization stand up secure sites for knowledge transfer and storage you will have the peace of mind knowing that your valuable information is safe. Symbolic Systems can increase productivity and the exchange of the right information to facilitate decision making without worry of information falling into the wrong hands.

 Manage Your Data; Don’t Let Your Data Manage You

Creating mission-specific knowledge by integrating contextualized information supports effective decision making and provides the basis for action. Symbolic System’s knowledge management consulting, tools and processes create value for organizations by increasing operational effectiveness, improving the quality of decisions, and providing a stage for innovation.

Capture Knowledge Before it’s Lost

The Knowledge Capture process is a comprehensive effort to identify, capture and transfer key areas of knowledge and expertise aligning with organizational strategic priorities. Allow Symbolic Systems to help your organization harvest the knowledge and expertise from members of your workforce to use as a living knowledge bank to be utilized by the entire organization.

Today’s Technology Puts the World in Your Hands

Allow Symbolic Systems to help your organization set up tools such as SharePoint, so you can access the information you need to succeed. Enhanced technologies offer the ability to create document repositories, online surveys, discussion boards, and chats that can help produce, organize, and distribute project information--all in an access-controlled environment.
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Enterprise Collaboration

Communication and the sharing of information is the backbone of any strong organization. Allow Symbolic Systems to help you get the most out of your company’s contacts and external business links by taking advantage of the recent increases in technology and social media tools that have opened a whole new spectrum of operations.

Today’s expanding collaboration capabilities allow workers to exchange ideas rapidly to work together to exceed organizational goals. For decades Symbolic Systems has been dedicated to connecting people from across the hallway to across the globe. We can strengthen the ties and bring your company closer with collaboration tools and capabilities. Symbolic Systems can help provide a secure venue for knowledge transfer and the sharing of diverse perspectives worldwide.

 Stay Connected Anywhere, Anytime

Our collaboration tools help personnel stay connected across organizational and geographic boundaries. Symbolic Systems can expand your organizational opportunities to work remotely, increase social networking and information exchange. 

Connect Through Social Media

Sites like Google™, Facebook™, YouTube™, and Twitter™ are changing the way people connect and communicate. Symbolic Systems navigates through the hype and provides comprehensive support in the area of Enterprise 2.0 and public social media technologies for your workforce.  

Connect in Real Time

Let us prepare your organization for the implementation of collaboration tools such as SameTime instant messaging to help your organization communicate more quickly and efficiently. Strengthen your relationships with colleagues, business partners, and customers while finding the expertise and knowledge needed throughout your organization.
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Your business decisions are only as strong as your business intelligence. We provide the processes, technologies, applications and practices to fully support the important decisions that drive your business.

By approaching the management of business processes from a holistic perspective, Symbolic ...

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